Cards, gifts and flowers

Mother's Day traditions

Mother's Day in the United States has many traditions like churchgoing, carnations, dinners with family, sending cards or buying gifts. It is tradition for children to personally visit their mothers and bring them a gift or a bouquet of fresh flowers. Mostly red carnations, but any kind of flower will do. Children who can't visit their mom personally will usually call their mother on the phone or send a card.

Break away

It is a day for mothers in America to break away from their day-to-day activities. Because of that many children cook for their mother, make breakfast in the morning or take them out for a dinner. A lot of sports players wear pink clothing during sports event on Mother's Day weekend.

Carnation flowers on Mother's Day

In America it is common to wear flowers this special day. Wearing a pink or red flower means that your mother is still alive. A white flower means that your mother died. Florists invented this to boost their flower sales. It is also tradition to display white carnation flowers on the grave of dead mothers. The carnations represent since the first celebration in 1908 when founder Anna Jarvis delivered 500 carnations at the Methodist church in Grafton. Carnation was the favourite flower of her own mother. Read all about Anna Jarvis and the history of Mother's Day.

Mother's day dates

Upcoming dates in the United States:

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