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Traffic data (Automatic Generated Information)

Traffic data is generated when your computer connects to and is not enough just to identify you. We can collect the following information: the origin of the connection, the IP address, the type and the version of your internet browser, the length of the connection, etc. This data can be used for statistical purposes in order to get traffic to and from the site to analyze (most and least viewed pages, activity per day and hour, etc.). Traffic data is always processed anonymously.


Cookies are small bits of information that our server sends to your browser with the intention that this information is sent back to our server on a subsequent visit. These small text files are stored on the hard disk or in the memory of your computer. Information is stored in the cookies (such as the settings of your PC and the preferences you have indicated) in order to facilitate the subsequent use of debt. Tk. This information contains, in addition to your IP address, no name or address details or other personal data. You can set your browser so that you do not receive cookies during your next use of In that case, however, it may happen that you can not make use of all the possibilities of or that you do not have access to (parts of)

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